Splitgate Season 2’s Revamped Progression System Outlined

Splitgate Season 2’s Revamped Progression System Outlined

After the recent announcement of Splitgate’s Beta Season 2 launch date, 1047 Games has released more info on the changes players can expect to see in the upcoming season.

Splitgate CEO on Everything Coming to Beta Season 2 – “We’re Shooting for the Moon”

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We sat down with Splitgate Ceo/Co-Founder Ian Proulx to talk about all the massive changes and updates coming in Splitgate Beta Season 2. Hear his thoughts on the massive updates to the Character models, Abyss map reworks, brand new UI, Battle Pass changes, what to expect going forward in esports with the Splitgate Pro Series, and why Ian believes “Splitgate can be just as big as any AAA game out there, right up there with Destiny and Apex”.

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Splitgate | Season 2 HotZone Gameplay

In diesem Video zeigen wir Hotzone Gameplay aus Splitgate. Alle Informationen zu Splitgate findet ihr hier: https://www.xboxdynasty.de/game/splitgate/


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Everything is Different!! (Splitgate Season 2 BP Review)